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It's about 'looking and acting the part' of a confident, successful professional.  It's about that little bit extra, that sets you apart.  It's about putting your best self forward!

​My focus is on nonverbal communication: appearance, demeanor, and work ethic. Too often we sabotage ourselves without realizing it.

There certainly needs to be  solid foundation at the core.  Our job (yours and mine) is to get you noticed, so that you get the opportunity to share that core.

Are you up for it?  Give me a call and will see what we can do.


Certified Image Consultant - Member International  Association of Image Consultants

Here at My Design 4 More, your professional success is my mission.

With 35 years in the business world, I have met a lot of people, and have been where you are. I have interviewed, hired, worked with and for, professionals at all levels.  During that time I have seen many very skilled people get left behind, while others have moved on and up.  I’ve wondered and considered, and frequently come to the conclusion that the promoted employee often ‘looked the part’ more than their peer.  Ouch! 

Non-verbal communication is a very real aspect of professional life that needs to be actively managed. It is for this reason, that
I startedMy Design 4 More, to help men and women, and the companies who hire them, design a better professional appearance for themselves. 

As I continue to grow my company, I've found a real love of  wardrobing - color, style, fit.  Join me at an upcoming workshop and pick up some helpful ideas to make the most of your clothing selections.




  • A free 30 minute, no-obligation consultation to determine your needs.

  • Personal Service, recognizing the individual uniqueness of each person or company.

  • Practical, actionable advice - prioritized for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ongoing access to tips and tricks to build your professional image.

  • Customized Workshops -- making it right for your company needs.


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