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Personal Appointments

All services as single services, for one or more people.  They may also be combined for multi-service discounts.


Let go of clutter... relieve stress... reduce your time to get ready each day.  During our time together,  I will:

  • Pull everything out of the clothes closet
  • Help you decide what stays and what goes
  • Replace/reorder remaining clothing in closet
  • Take all clothing & accessory discards with me
  • Provide receipts for tax deductible* donations

As time permits, and based on your needs, I will:

  • Assess fit for select garments
  • Label garments needing repair
  • Identify outfit combinations
  • Identify wardrobe gaps
  • Recommend additional organizing strategies

Service Options:

  • Minimum time: 2 hours
  • Value pricing at 4 hours

Related Services:

  • Purchase and delivery of new organizers; limited installation
  • Wardrobe Building services

Wardrobe Building

Feel good about your look every day... be true to your personal style... reduce the stress of 'picking an outfit'.  Based on your needs, I will:

  • Assess clothing fit, and styles that flatter your body type
  • Identify outfit combinations from exisitng garments
  • Assist with accessorizing
  • Identify wardrobe gaps - color, style, missing pieces
Service Options:
  • Minimum time: 2 hours
  • Extended retained services available (in person or via Skype)
Related Services:
  • Personal Shopping Service

Personal Shopping

Save shopping time... try on in the comfort of your home... with you own pieces.  Based on your needs, I will:

  • Purchase and deliver of garments or accessories to fill 'gaps' or simply as desired.
  • Escort you on a shopping trip

Service Options:
  • Pricing per trip (2 hour minimum) - special or joint trips
  • Optional retained services available.

* Value determination responsibility of client

Let's schedule a free consultation to discuss which services are right for you.


SkinCare and Makeup

Taking care of your skin is the foundation of your professional image.  Order Products, try a Virtual Makeover and more.   Go to

Group Events

Personal and business event options available. Topics are varied, and include: 

​" Business Casual Still Means Business"

" Professional Appearance on a Budget", 

" That Little Bit Extra... Going the Extra Mile"

​" So, I've Got the Interview... Now What?"

" Age is Just a Number"