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Don't Forget the Foundation

It Starts with Taking Care of Yourself - Mind & Body

It cannot be emphasized enough that we need to take care of ourselves as a basic foundation for our lives.  

Certainly, we hear plenty about exercise and proper diet, and those are very important for our overall health.  We need drink plenty of water, eat smart, and keep our bodies fit to add longevity and enough strength to manage our daily lives.  Let us also remember to take care of our external bodies, including proper skin and hair care.  There are top quality products readily available to do so, and it is much easier to care for than to compensate  later.

Certainly we cannot forget to feed our minds with good 'food' on a regular basis as well.  There are so many avenues through which to do this, it is awesome.  Some of my favorite sources of daily brain food include: Richard Flint's Morning Minute (, Walk the Talk ( and any one of several John Maxwell books (  I will forever be a Zig Ziglar fan; he has provided more quotable statements than anyone I know.  I follow the Ziglar foundation on Facebook and really enjoy the constant flow of positive.

Yes, It Does Matter

We All Make Snap Judgments Based on Appearance

We've all thought it, or heard it from others...

I should be judged on my work, not on how I look.  Why should I care about getting dressed up for work, or about what someone decides is stylish? I like comfortable. 

Well, I like comfortable too. But I have found that I am most comfortable when I feel good about my appearance.

Whether we like it or not, we do all make assumptions based on appearance, and if I don't have to worry about that, I am free to focus on other things.

Look around your office; better yet, on the street downtown.  Who strikes you as most powerful?  Consider how much of that judgment is based on nonverbal communication - how they dress - their hairstyle - their posture.

So I Got the Interview... Now What?

First, be excited.  You now have an opportunity to evaluate a job that interests you, and share your skills with a potential employer.   

Second, be prepared.  Learn about the company, so you can ask pertinent questions.  Practice interviewing - we all hate role plays, do it anyway (even if only with yourself).

Third, be thoughtful about what you want your appearance to say about you.  Appearance starts with good grooming, followed by a thoughtful wardrobe choice.  The attention to the details can sometimes make or break the message you are trying to convey about who you are.

Appropriate wardrobe choices vary based on position, but a good rule of thumb is to dress to the level you expect of the interviewer.  If they will likely wear a suit, you should wear one as well.  If you know the environment is Business Casual, wear dress pants (not your cotton twill), and a nice shirt or sweater; layered with a blazer or sweater jacket  is even better.