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Combatting Age in the Job Hunt

How do I get them to see me as capable?

You have built a career.  You've learned many things about your specific job.  You've learned many things about the business environment.  You've learned many things about workplace relationships.  These are all positive accomplishments.

Now you are on the hunt for your next career adventure, and you fear that employers will see you as 'too old', too far removed from what they need.  What can you do to level the playing field and compete?  Plenty!

# 1 - Assess your business skills and polish them up.  Especially those detailed skills.

# 2 - Practice interview skills. 

# 3 - Practice networking.  It really does help to get a personal referral.

# 4 - Prepare to look the part of an up-to-date, knowledgeable professional.

My 'Age Is Just a Number' booklet steps you through these key areas, with simple techniques.  It can act as a checklist and reference for this transformation.  Contact me for an electronic copy direct to your email.

What If your dream job is within your own company?   If you go to work sloppy, or too casual, what message do you send? Why would they think you take any more care with your work than you do with your appearance?   Nonverbal communication, including appearance does send a message.  The message tells people whether you are attentive to detail or not.  It tells them how you see yourself.  

Many people struggle with how to put themselves together in the morning,.  There are so many things that need attention that,  appearance seems to be a minor piece.  Until...

Not to worry - feel free to use my Daily Interview Ready checklist as a quick reminder list before you head out the door.  As you do, please let me know how I can improve it to make more useful for you.

Are You
Interview Ready?

Seriously. Are you? Let's
pretend... you are contacted by a potential employer.  This employer would like to discuss hiring you for your dream job.  They need to meet with you today.  Do you have to rush home to change clothes, fix your hair...?  Gotta run for some emergency shopping?

If your answer is No, you are not Interview Ready, I would ask why not?  Like it or not, every day that you go to work you are creating an impression., 'interviewing', for both your existing position as well as any potential opportunities.    Based on how you look in the mirror, would you hire you?  Would you promote you?